15 High Fiber Foods For A Healthy Diet

High Fiber Foods
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Fiber rich food is must in every diet as it helps to maintain & improve digestion process. Here is a list of 15 high fiber foods, you should eat to fulfill your daily fiber requirement.

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Fiber rich diet is important for our body to function properly and everyone should add fiber rich foods in their diet. Daily requirement of fiber in men is 38 gram while women require 25 grams of fiber which include both type of fiber which is soluble and insoluble. Both type of fiber is important for our body.


Fiber is also called Roughage, it is basically that part of a plant-based food which your body cannot break down. It passes through your body in undigested form that helps to keep your digestive system clean, regulates bowel movement & makes it healthy. Basically food such as fruits, vegetables, beans & nuts are fibrous foods. Below are the types of fiber :


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Soluble fiber dissolves in water and helps to slow down the digestion process and helps to maintain blood sugar levels.


Insoluble fiber helps in easy passing of stools through intestine, maintains bowel regularity and prevents constipation.

insoluble fiber & soluble fiber


STRAWBERRY : ( Fiber – 2 grams for 1/2 cup )


Strawberry is good source of fiber as it contains both soluble and insoluble fiber and helps to improve your digestion. These tasty berries helps to prevent constipation because of fiber content present in them. Consuming strawberry does not only provides you fiber but it is also loaded with vitamin C which helps to fight with free radicals, boost your immune system naturally & makes your skin glow.

SWEET POTATO : ( Fiber – 4 grams for medium sized )

sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are loaded with both type of fiber. Which makes them an another high fiber food. Sweet potatoes are much low in calories as compared to potato. That is why it it is good fiber rich snack to munch on. It also helps to improve digestion, provides instant energy, boost your immune system, improves eye health due to good source of vitamin A.

COCONUT : ( Fiber – 7 grams for a small bowl )


Coconut is also a very good source of dietary fiber and includes both type of fiber. Consuming coconut helps to improve your digestion and prevents constipation, not only coconut improves digestion but drinking coconut water on daily basis can do wonders for your health such as it helps in detoxification, fight with flu & virus & boost metabolism.

KIWI : ( Fiber – 2.5 grams for 1 cup )


Kiwi is also a good source of fiber and contains both type of dietary fiber. Kiwi is pre biotic in nature and contains a natural enzyme which helps to breakdown food easily which helps in better digestion & prevents constipation. Kiwi is also a rich source of vitamin C which helps to make your immune system strong, fights with free radicals & improves skin health.

ORANGE : ( Fiber – 4 grams for 1 orange )


Orange is rich in both type of dietary fiber plus it contains good amount of water. Orange helps to improve your digestion because of the combination of fiber and water. Consuming orange after meal helps to breakdown food easily and prevents constipation. Orange is another great source of vitamin C, helps in boosting immunity & makes your skin healthy.

PINEAPPLE : ( Fiber 4 grams for 1 cup )


Pineapple is also a good source of fiber. It also contains both type of fiber moreover it contains Bromelain which helps to soften the food inside your stomach which improves your digestion and prevents constipation. Fiber in pineapple also helps to keep you fuller for the longer time. So, munch on tasty pineapple by adding them in your salad. Pineapple juice is also considered as a good substitute for cough syrup.

BLUEBERRY : ( Fiber – 2.4 grams for 1/2 cup )


Blueberry being small in size contains good amount of dietary fiber. Consumption of blueberries helps to make your digestive system strong and prevents constipation, reduces bloating caused due to water retention. These little berries also helps to improve your immune system. Add them in your breakfast or munch as a mid day snack.

AVOCADO : ( Fiber – 8 grams for one full sized )


Avocado is a super fruit when it comes to fiber as it contains both type of fiber. Consumption of avocado helps to improve your digestion, helps in easy passing of stools and keeps you fuller for the longer time. Avocado also helps to keep your heart healthy, reduces iron deficiency & contains more potassium than banana.

GREEN PEAS : ( Fiber – 7 grams for 1 cup )

green peas

Green peas are another great source of fiber. These little beans can help in providing a good amount of fiber. Green peas also helps to improve digestion, helps to fight with inflammation, regulate blood sugar & promote healthy eyes. If you don’t like to eat green peas, try making their healthy snacks, there are lots of healthy snack you can make with them.

CHICKPEAS : ( Fiber – 6 grams for 1/2 cup )


Chickpeas are also high in fiber. Along with good amount of fiber chickpeas helps to normalize blood pressure, helps to improve immunity, protect your heart, improves eye health, improves digestion & helps in weight loss. Make healthy chickpea salad which will satisfy your cravings along with good amount of fiber.

APPLE : ( Fiber – 4 grams for medium sized apple )


There is an old saying for apple which you know very well, i.e. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Yes, it can really keep you away from doctor if you consume it daily. Apple is a good source fiber which helps to improve your digestion, prevents constipation. It also helps to boost your immune system naturally as it is rich antioxidants. An interesting thing about apple is that it act as a detergent food. Which means you can easily eat apple as a mid night snack it will helps to reduce bad breathe & remove plaque.

BROCCOLI : ( Fiber – 5 grams for 1 cup )


Broccoli comes in the category of high fiber vegetables, it is another high fiber food which helps to fulfill a good amount of your daily fiber need. Along with good amount of fiber, broccoli helps to improve digestion, helps to fight with free radicals, makes your skin healthy, improves heart & liver health, helps to make your joints & bones strong. So, whenever you make healthy salads do not forget to add broccoli.

CARROT : ( Fiber – 3.2 grams for 1 cup )


Carrot is also rich in fiber, which makes it a good snack you can munch on even without cooking. Carrots helps to prevent constipation by making your digestive system healthy. It is also a richest source of vitamin A which helps to protect your skin from UV rays, slow the signs of aging, makes your skin glowing naturally & promotes eye health. So, munch on these healthy naturally ready to eat snacks.

ROLLED OATS : ( Fiber – 4 grams for 1/2 cup )

rolled oats

Rolled oats are really a good food to start your day. It has a good amount of fiber which fulfills your tummy for a longer time. That is why it is a good option to have rolled oats as your breakfast. Rolled oats also provides you many other benefits such as they helps to keep your heart healthy, keeps your body in shape, improves digestion, reduces constipation & promotes liver health. You can have oats in many ways, makes oats with milk adding healthy fruits & berries, make overnight oats, spicy vegetable oats or make healthy oat flour chocolate chip cookies to munch on any time.

WHOLE GRAIN BREAD : ( Fiber – 4 grams for 1 slice )

whole grain bread

Whole grain bread is another high in fiber food, as it helps to give you a good amount of fiber. It is also a good option for breakfast to start your day in a healthy way. It helps to improve digestion, rich in proteins, lowers bad cholesterol & keeps you fuller for longer time. Whole grain bread is different from multigrain bread, which means whole grain bread includes every part of a grain kernel whereas multigrain bread is made with multiple grains. Though multigrain bread is also a good source of fiber.

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