Frequent use of chemical based hair treatment can damage, dull & dry your hair. So hair spa is an option which you can also do at home. There is a simple method to do hair spa at home easily, which is very effective & affordable.

This easy method of doing hair spa will make your hair nourished, smooth & less damaged. Also this method include less ingredients that are easily available. So read down the method below:


  1. Coconut oil – 2 tbsp
  2. A gentle hair conditioner – 3 tbsp or according to your hair length
  3. Almond oil – 1/2 tsp
  4. Aloe vera gel – 1 tsp


  1. Firstly wash your hair with a regular shampoo & let them dry completely
  2. Now take little amounts of coconut oil & massage your scalp with it properly, you just have to massage your scalp not hair strands
  3. Let your hair rest for 5 min
  4. Meanwhile take a small bowl add hair conditioner, aloe vera gel & almond oil in it, mix everything properly
  5. Now your own home made hair spa cream is ready
  6. Take a spray bottle filled with water
  7. Spray on your hair strands
  8. Now take small portions out of the cream & take out small portion of hair strands
  9. Apply the cream firstly in downward position & then in upward position, do this process 2-3 times ( do this process a little fast )
  10. With the above method cover all your hair strands with cream properly
  11. Take a towel & dip it in hot water, squeeze out the excess water carefully
  12. Wrap the towel around your hair & rest for 20 min
  13. After 20 min repeat the above process for 20 more min
  14. After 40 min remove the towel & wash your hair with warm water
  15. Dry your hair using dryer & apply a little amount of hair serum & you are done.

This easy method of doing hair spa at home will save your time & money plus ingredients used in it are not harmful as compared to hair spa at salon.


  1. Coconut oil helps to nourish your hair, prevents dandruff & dullness
  2. Hair conditioner will make your hair smooth & provides shine
  3. Aloe vera gel helps to prevent dryness
  4. Almond oil makes your hair strong, smooth & long.
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