Easy Aam Panna Recipe

aam panna recipe
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Aam panna, is a famous Indian summer drink. Aam panna is made from raw mango. Learn a simple & best aam panna recipe to make at home easily. Traditional aam panna is made by roasting raw mango in charcoal, but in this simple recipe I am going to tell you how you can have that very similar authentic aam panna taste without using charcoals. You can always use charcoal if you have the option.

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Aam panna is not only a delicious drink but has many health benefits. Raw mango is rich in vitamin c which helps to boost up your immunity, provides your skin a natural glow, reduces ageing and increases collagen production. This raw mango juice is a special drink for summers as vitamin c helps your body to beat the heat. This drink can be easily made at home in less time also it is a good substitute for the soft drinks available in the market.


  1. Raw mango – 4
  2. Sugar – 1/2 cup
  3. Water – 3 glass
  4. Salt – as per taste
  5. Black pepper – a pinch
  6. Mint leaves for garnishing ( optional ) – 8 – 10


  1. Wash the mangoes properly and dry them
  2. Now take a wire stand if you have and keep it on medium flame
  3. Keep the raw mango on flame and let them roast from one side for about 1 minute
  4. Flip the mango to roast properly until its skin get black and inside flesh becomes soft
  5. Now turn off the flame and let the mango cool down
  6. Now peel off the skin of the mango and mash the inside flesh
  7. Now grind the mango flesh and add sugar to make a smooth paste
  8. Now add salt and pepper in the paste and mix everything properly
  9. Now add chilled water and mix it properly
  10. Your raw mango juice is ready to be served & garnish it with some mint leaves.


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raw mango
  1. It serve as the best substitute of soft drinks in hot summer days
  2. It helps to beat the heat in summer
  3. Raw mango is a great source of vitamin C which helps to boost your immunity
  4. It helps to improve digestion
  5. Improves skin & hair health.

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