Everyone love to eat chocolate cake, But making chocolate cake at home can be a big task but now you can make it using very less ingredients at home and in less time. You can use whole wheat chocolate cookies to make it more healthy.


  1. 2 Packs of chocolate biscuits
  2. 1 Glass milk
  3. 8-10 Almonds ( optional )
  4. 1 Pinch baking soda


  1. Break the biscuits in small parts and grind them to make a fine powder
  2. Strain the powder with the help of a strainer to get rid of any big pieces
  3. Add milk gradually to make a smooth batter for cake and add baking soda
  4. Now take a deep heavy base utensil or you can also take a pressure cooker and place wire stand in it
  5. Now cover the lid and let it pre-heat for about 5 minutes
  6. Take a cake tin apply some butter in it to make it greasy and pour the cake batter in it
  7. Place the cake tin in the utensil and cover it with the lead
  8. Bake the cake foe about 15 minutes and check it by putting a toothpick in it, if the toothpick comes out clean it means your cake is baked
  9. If toothpick does not come out clean bake it for another 5 minutes and again check it by the same method
  10. After the cake is baked let the tin and cake cool for 10 minutes
  11. Take out the cake from the tin
  12. Chop almonds in small pieces
  13. Put the chopped almonds on cake for decoration.


  1. If you are making cake in a pressure cooker then remove its whistle and rubber from the lead
  2. You can use any other biscuits of your choice
  3. If you like more sweet then you can add 1/2 cup of icing sugar in the batter
  4. To make it more tasty and healthy you can add nuts in the batter
  5. To make it more tasty you can apply chocolate syrup on the top of the cake.


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