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Kiwi, a power house of vitamin c. Kiwi has many health benefits, here are its some of the 9 health benefits of kiwi that will surprise you. Adding kiwi in your daily diet fulfils your daily vitamin c requirement & improves your health in many ways.

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Kiwi is a member of Actinidiaceae family. Kiwis are originally native to China but they were transplanted to New zealand in 1904 from china. Kiwis are also called Chinese gooseberries.

Kiwis are grown in semi tropical areas. Its outer cover is brown in color and has rough fur while inside flesh is green in color which is soft and tender having small black seeds. These small black seeds can reduce the effect of radiation in the body.



Kiwi is rich in vitamin C which helps to improve immune system of the body. Vitamin C is required on daily basis for our body to function properly. Our body does not make vitamin C. If you consume kiwi on daily basis it will fulfill your daily vitamin C requirement as it contains 2 times more vitamin C than oranges.


Kiwi is pre biotic in nature and rich in fiber which helps to improve digestion. It also contain a natural enzyme which helps to breakdown food easily that leads to better digestion. Kiwi does not only improve digestion but also prevent constipation, improves bowel function, kills bad bacteria and maintain good bacteria in intestine.


I remember whenever i have flu or viral fever my doctor always suggest me to consume kiwi. As kiwi can do wonders if you are suffering from flu or virus. It is because of vitamin C and antioxidants present in it. They help to fight with free radicals or damage caused by environment to the body and helps the body to recover faster by boosting immunity.


Kiwi is a great fruit for removing heavy metals and toxins out of the body. Kiwi detox drink or kiwi infused water is low in calories and high in fiber having more than 3 trace minerals can flush out toxins from the body. It supports liver in the process of detoxification.


Kiwi is rich in calcium which is essential for oral health. It helps to make teeth and gums strong also prevents gingivitis. Kiwi can be used as a natural teeth whitener, you can simply mas a piece of kiwi by mixing 1/4 tbsp of baking soda in it, then brush your teeth with this mixture.


Kiwi can help you in your weight loss journey as it helps to boost metabolism which means you can burn calories at a faster rate. Fiber contain in kiwi makes you feel fuller for long time. Also it helps to improve bowel function, prevent water retention which causes bloating.


As we age collagen decreases which leads to aging such as wrinkles, fine lines and loose skin. As kiwi is rich in vitamin C and vitamin C helps in collagen production. Collagen is an important protein for the skin. Consuming kiwi can make make skin glowing and firm naturally.


Kiwi is a good source of fiber and water which helps to improve digestion. Kiwi’s skin is also edible and if you consume kiwi along with its skin you will get 10-20% more nutrients than consuming without skin.


Kiwi has a low glycemic index ( ranking of carbohydrates in foods ) which helps to better digestion and lowers the blood sugar level in body which makes kiwi a diabetic friendly fruit also it helps to control diabetes.


Kiwi is considered as a safe fruit for most of the people but it may cause allergy to any one. Which includes skin rashes, throat irritation and itching on tongue.

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