10 Health Benefits of Peanuts

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Peanuts, one of the most loved nut is rich in healthy fats, calcium, vitamins etc. Know these top 10 surprising health benefits of peanuts. How eating peanuts affect your overall health.

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Peanut belongs to Fabaceae family and is considered to be native to South America. There are many varieties of peanut which varies in taste and size. Peanut is also known as ground nut. It is loaded with essential nutrients and is used in many forms, you can eat them raw, roast them, its oil can be used in cooking, grind it to make peanut butter etc. Peanut is a good source of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids.


Peanuts help to maintain level of cholesterol as it is rich in vitamin B3 and copper which helps in reducing bad cholesterol and increases the amount of good cholesterol moreover peanut is rich in monounsaturated fat which helps to reduce LDL levels. It is important to maintain cholesterol level in body as increase in bad cholesterol can cause Atherosclerosis ( fat collected inside arteries ).


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Peanut is a super nut for improving skin health as it contains antioxidants which helps our body to fight with free radicals which causes wrinkles, fine lines etc. Peanut also contain vitamin E which is an essential vitamin for skin, It helps to provide nourishment to skin and makes your skin naturally glowing.


Peanut and other nuts are really very good for heart. Peanut contains antioxidants and monounsaturated fatty acids which helps to make heart healthy and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.


Peanut is packed with essential nutrients such as calcium, potassium, omega 3 fatty acids, protein, fiber, zinc, magnesium, copper, manganease, iron, phosphorus, vitamin E, B3, folate, which all are essential for healthy functioning of body.


Peanut can help you in your weight loss journey, if you eat it in a moderate amount. Peanuts are loaded with healthy fats and fiber which makes you feel fuller for the longer time plus it helps you to prevent from consuming extra calories by controlling appetite, so whenever you feel hungry grab some peanuts which is an healthy snack option.


Peanut is a great nut for keeping hair healthy as it is loaded with protein, vitamin E and biotin which all are essential for healthy hair. Protein helps to build tissue cells and protects your hair with a layer called keratin, vitamin E helps to provide nourishment to your hair and encourages hair growth and biotin helps to make your hair strong, thick and bouncy.


Peanuts are rich in amino acids and amino acids are the building blocks of protein which are essential for our body. Amino acids helps to prevent fatigue, illness and perform other vital function in the body. Your body can make some of the essential amino acids but there are some other essential amino acids which you have to take by consuming healthy diet.


Peanut contains good amount of fiber. It mainly consist insoluble fiber which helps to maintain bowel regularity. It is important to eat food rich in fiber because fiber plays a vital role in the process of digestion. It also helps in easy passing of stools through intestine and prevent constipation.


Peanut helps to provide you instant energy as it is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals which helps in providing energy. You can eat peanut energy bars as a healthy snack or have peanut butter, make peanut butter balls or fudge. Eating peanut snacks provide you instant energy during hard workouts.

Check out my easy peanut butter recipe , For making healthy peanut butter at home.


Peanut contains good amount of phosphorus and calcium which are essential for healthy bones. Consuming peanuts in moderate amount helps to increase bone density and makes your bones strong and healthy moreover it helps in reducing the risk of developing osteoporisis.


  1. Excess consumption of peanuts can lead to weight gain
  2. Excess intake of salty peanuts can lead to water retention that causes bloating
  3. It can cause upset stomach on excess consumption
  4. It may lead to vomit on excess intake.

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