10 Health Benefits of Pineapple

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Pineapple, a super tropical fruit is loved by everyone. It is an amazing source of vitamin c, rich in fiber & has many health benefits. Here are 10 surprising health benefits of pineapple, that you should know. Also know how eating pineapple improves your health.

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Pineapple belongs to Bromeliaceae family. It is a tropical fruit and is considered to be native to South America. Its outer cover is prickly and inside flesh is tender and juicy. Pineapple is used in variety of recipes with having low calories and loaded with vitamin C.



Pineapple helps to boost immune system because it is loaded with vitamin C, antioxidants which helps to fight with free radicals and helps to protect your body from flu or virus. If you consume pineapple daily it will fulfill your daily requirement of vitamin C.


Pineapple can be a super food for improving your skin health as it contains antioxidants, bromelain and vitamin c which helps to fight with free radicals that cause damage to your skin and also helps to make your skin glowing naturally.

Pineapple also contains anti-bacterial properties which helps you to get rid of acne, you can simply apply few drops of pineapple juice to the acne to get rid of it. It can also be applied on uneven skin tone and blemishes.


Pineapple may support you in your weight loss journey. You can consume it as a snack or drink its juice. It may support you in weight loss because it contains dietary fiber.

Dietary fiber plays an important role in loosing extra weight as it makes you feel fuller for the longer time. It will not directly help you in weight loss but it will help you to prevent from consuming extra calories because it has very low calorie content.


Bromelain is an enzyme which helps in reducing inflammation and it is present in pineapple. Body is prone to many diseases when there is inflammation in it. If you consume pineapple daily it will help you to reduce inflammation. It will also help you to reduce pain and swelling caused by inflammation.


Pineapple helps to improve digestion because of bromelain found in it which helps to soften the food inside your stomach which helps in better digestion. Pineapple is also a good source of dietary fiber and fiber is known for improving digestion, helps in preventing constipation and bloating.


Pineapple can help you to make your bones strong as it is loaded with manganese, which is a trace mineral required for strong bones. If you consume a small bowl of pineapple daily it will fulfill your daily requirement of manganese and it will also prevent you from the risk of developing osteoporosis ( a condition in which bones become weak ).


Pineapple helps to improve your oral health because of its anti-bacterial properties which helps to kill bacteria inside mouth. It also act as a natural teeth whitener because of bromelain present in it which helps to remove stains on teeth. It also helps to reduce inflammation in gums and helps to make them strong.


Pineapple helps to keep your hair healthy as it is loaded with antioxidants and vitamin c which are essential for hair health. It helps to make your hair strong, smooth and improve hair growth by nourishing hair scalp.


Anemia is a situation in which the number of red blood cells lowers which leads to difficulty in breathing and paleness to the body. Consuming pineapple can help to reduce the risk of anemia because it helps to absorb iron in your body.


Consuming pineapple helps to keep your eyes healthy, prevent from the risk of developing macular degenration ( a condition which can lead to loss of vision ) because it is loaded with antioxidants, vitamin c which are essential for eye health.


  1. Brush your teeth after consuming pineapple as it contains acid which can weaken your tooth enamel
  2. It may raise blood sugar levels
  3. Eating pineapple in excess may lead to weight gain because of sugar content in it.

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