Fritters are very easy to make and it contains lots of vegetables which makes it more healthy as you can also use whole wheat noodles or rice noodles in it. These healthy fritters are basically made from boiled noodles and vegetables and these can be made in less amount of oil.


  1. A pack of instant noodles or any other noodles such as rice noodles etc
  2. Vegetables- 2 tbsp chopped carrot, 2 tbsp capsicum, 2 tbsp onion, 4 tbsp boiled potato, 2 tbsp green peas boiled
  3. spices- 1/2 tbsp salt, 1/2 red chili powder or you can also add seasoning pack came with instant noodles
  4. 2 tbsp of oil for frying
  5. 3 tbsp of refined flour
  6. 5-6 tbsp of bread crumbs.


  1. Boil instant noodles or any other noodles by adding some salt and few drops of oil to prevent them from sticking
  2. let the noodles cool down
  3. Add all the chopped vegetables and boiled potato in noodles
  4. Add the spices and seasoning mix
  5. Mix all the ingredients and make a dough by mixing everything properly
  6. Make a lemon sized ball out of the dough and press it with your palm to make fritter shape
  7. Now take 3 tbsp of refined flour and a pinch of salt in it and make smooth slury by adding water in it
  8. Now dip the fritter in refined flour slury
  9. Immediately take out the fritter and cover it with bread crumbs
  10. Now in a pan add oil, put 2-3 fritters in the oil
  11. Fry one side for about 2 minutes and flip it, again fry another side for 2 minutes
  12. Now serve these hot fritters with any dip of your choice.


  1. You can add more vegetables of your choice
  2. You can also use whole wheat noodles to make it more healthy
  3. Instead of frying you can also bake or air fry these fritters
  4. You can also store these cutlets for 4-5 days in zip lock bags and keep them in deep fridge and fry them whenever you want.


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