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Tomato soup is very healthy as tomatoes are rich in vitamin c which helps to boost immunity plus it support weight loss. Tomato soup is made from tomatoes and spices but adding oats in it makes it more healthy and delicious. You can add this soup in your healthy weight loss diet as oats helps to keep you in shape and makes you feel fuller for the long time. You can also consume this soup if you are suffering from cold, cough or flu.


  1. Tomatoes – 6
  2. Garlic – 2 cloves
  3. Ginger – a small piece
  4. Oats – 1/2 cup
  5. Salt – as per your taste
  6. Black pepper – 1/2 tsp


  1. Take a pan add 2 glass of water
  2. Now add tomatoes in the water and blanch them for about 3-4 minutes on medium flame
  3. Now turn off the flame and take tomatoes out
  4. Let them cool a bit
  5. Now peel the skin of the tomatoes and chop them roughly
  6. Now grind tomatoes, ginger and garlic together to make a smooth puree
  7. Now take a saucepan add tomato puree in it
  8. Add salt and black pepper in the puree
  9. Now add 2 glass of water and stir well and boil the soup for about 8 minutes
  10. Now add oats in the soup and let the soup boil for 5-6 minutes
  11. Adding oats will make your soup thick so you can adjust your desired consistency by adding more water and cook for another 2 minutes if you do not like thick soup
  12. Now serve the hot soup in a bowl and garnish it with some coriander leaves.


  1. Tomato being rich in vitamin c helps to boost up your immunity, Check out the other amazing benefits of adding tomato in your diet
  2. Ginger contains anti-bacterial & anti-viral properties plus antioxidants which helps to treat cough, cold & flu
  3. Garlic also contain anti-viral & anti-biotic properties which helps to boost immunity
  4. Black pepper helps to fight with free radicals & act as a natural expectorant.
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