How To Make Mango Drink At Home

Mango drink
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Everyone loves to have mango drink and usually buys packed one which contains lots of sugar and preservatives. As mango provides many health benefits you can easily make mango drink at home without using any chemicals in the most easy way.

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  1. 2 Big sized mango
  2. 1 Cup sugar or as per your taste


Mango puree
  1. Wash the mangoes properly and peel their outer cover
  2. Now roughly chop the mangoes in small size
  3. Grind the chopped mango to make a smooth puree
  4. Now strain the puree with the help of a strainer to get more fine paste
  5. Add the mango puree in a pan and let it boil for about 4-5 minutes on low flame
  6. While boiling the puree add sugar and stir
  7. After 5 minutes sugar will be dissolved and turn off the flame
  8. Now let the mixture cool at room temperature
  9. After the mixture get cooled add in 3 glasses of chilled water & mix properly, then serve chilled
  10. If you want to give this drink a little spicy kick, add a pinch of black pepper & salt.


  1. You can easily store your homemade mango drink for 5-6 days
  2. Pour the strained mango puree in a clean glass bottle
  3. Keep this bottle in freezer
  4. Take it out & add water whenever you want to consume it.
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